4L Films – About us. People often ask, why the 4 "L's?" L-l-e-w-e-l-l-y-n. Yes… We are very clever.

4L Films, LLC: Compelling stories, well told.

Wes and Amanda Llewellyn, a married dynamic creative production duo, have a combined 60 years of producing television and films. They both started out in independent features and commercials as crewmembers and grew into their own production company 20 years ago with their first feature film, "The Moment After," a micro-budget indie that pioneered changes in the faith-based film market.

For the last 13 years with over 225 episodes of dramatic reenactments for "Sid Roth's, It's Supernatural" a handful of award winning shorts, commercials and videos later, Wes has honed his directing, editing and visual effects skills and Amanda has been sharpening her producing, writing and caulking skills. "Caulking?" Yes…she can fill the gaps…wardrobe, set decoration, hair styling and make-up! Wes and Amanda are also a solid writing duo being good writers in their own right. (Wow…that was a tongue twister!) And, they have the plaques, glass and gold-guys to prove it!

With the economy in decline and the small business climate in Los Angeles slowing down, Wes and Amanda pulled up stakes in Burbank, CA and moved back south to Atlanta, GA in 2010. Since the move, 4L Films' productions have become "The Best Set In Town" according to our local talent in front and behind the camera. Aw…We love y'all too!

Time on set is always about the project but it is also about honoring those that work with you and providing the place for "family" to happen.

So, if you have an idea for a movie or if you need to advertise who and what you do, if you are interested in getting involved in media and entertainment, reach out to us. We can do lunch. We lived in LA for years so…What else would we say?

The Beginning

Wes and Amanda met on set in New Orleans on a forgettable low budget film but it was no "set romance." They became good friends and after Amanda moved to LA, they remained friends and found that somewhere along the way, they had fallen in love. I know…Should you talk about this on your website? Well, yes! It is usually very hard for a husband and wife to work together but Wes and Amanda don't know any better and have been collaborating since they met some 25 years ago. They kind of like each other.

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